Frequently asked questions.




What is DiviNetworks?

Divi is a network which allows any network operator / ISP to generate additional revenues and enjoy value added services by participating.

What is required to participate in the network?

If you use a MikroTik router, simply login to our portal and fill in the details about your network, the router IP, the prefixes you wish to share in the network and the system will generate and configure a file for your router. Once you deploy the configuration in your router, click Activate in the portal and the system will perform an automated test to verify your network is connected. Alternatively, you can have the system automatically configure your router by providing its credentials.

Once your network is active, you will start to see stats in the reporting page;  where you can see information about the traffic passed through your router along with your revenue.

Is using the MikroTik router mandatory for participating in the network?

No, any network operator can participate regardless of its network equipment model, however, configuring the MikroTik router to join the network  can be done automatically via our portal and does not require any additional equipment to be installed. Network operators who use other routers can use a separate server or a VM installed with our software to take part in the network.

How much money will I make from connecting my router and share my bandwidth with your network?

This mainly depends on the amount of IPs you will be sharing. Our global system rotates all the requests from our customers among all the available IPs .  The more IPs you share , the more traffic will be sent through your router.

The rates we pay differ from country to country  ( see table below) . For example- in the US , we currently pay a rate of 30 cent /GB/Month ( which is equal to $100 per mbps/month ) , based on the current level of usage , in each /24 shared. We see a traffic rate of around 400GB per month, which will generate  $120 USD per month to the network partner.

Rate card ( per GB/month )

CountryFirst 1TB/Month Above 1TB/Month
United States$0.3$0.20
United Kingdom$0.25$0.15
How can I be sure your customers will not abuse my bandwidth?

The global network is our main asset, and we take all measures to protect and prevent attempted abuse of our partners IPs. Our customers are corporations ( no individual is allowed to use the system ) and  we conduct a strict KYC process with each company who wishes to use our system, including personal identification of the representative . In addition, we only allow web traffic to be used toward ports 80 and 443, and we keep full logs of all the requests being made through all the servers, including  the customer’s real source IP. All the logs of the traffic passed through any of our ISP partners are available to the ISP for download and it is kept for 12 months. In addition, each of our partners receive a log in to our real time monitoring system where we can see various information about the traffic passed through its router by our customers, including domain names, total bandwidth etc.

In addition, all the traffic, which is sent or received through the partner network, is passed through one of our main Pops where we monitor it using anti-ddos and anti-malware systems to ensure that no abnormal traffic is generated. Our system also ensures that the traffic pattern is similar to a normal user, to provide another layer of safety. Currently there are almost 100 ISPs partnering in our network, and we will be happy to provide references for any partner considering participating.

Will my own users' network traffic be exposed?

No. Since the MikroTik is a session aware router, the configuration that we provide will ensure that traffic, which belongs to sessions generated by our customers will be redirected through a tunnel to our PoPs while all of our users traffic will be routed as usual to your users. We will have no visibility to the sessions that were not generated by our customers.

Can I have logs of all the traffic passed through my router?

Definitely. All the traffic generated by our customers and passed through your router is logged and traffic is kept 12 months and available for you to download at a secured FTP site.

Can I limit the amount of bandwidth used by your network through my router?

Yes.  You can define the amount of bandwidth you would like our network to use during the initial setup process, and you can always change it by logging into your account in our portal.

Can I stop the sharing at any time?

Yes. There is no minimum commitment. We will however pay an additional bonus of 10% of the revenues you are entitled to in each month in which your router was connected to our network for more than 95% of the time.

I would like to share only part of the IPs routed through my router with the network, is it possible?

Yes. You can define the amount of IPs you would like to share during the setup process or anytime via our portal.

I have several MikroTik routers and the IPs can be routed through any of them and are not announced exclusively in one of them. Can I still have these routers connected to your network?

Yes. Please contact our support team for instructions.

Which router should I configure to connect to your network?

The best router to be configured is your border router, where all the downstream traffic to the IPs you are sharing is routed through. In principal, the tunnels can be defined also on other routers, please contact our technical team in that case.

What is the minimum bandwidth and amount of IPs I can share to join the network?

There is no minimum; you can share any amount of IPs from /32 to /16. You can also share several non-contingent IP ranges.

Can I request a reference from some of your current network partners?

Of course, please contact our support team and we will provide the details.

What additional value added services are available for the participants?

Currently there are 2 additional services

  1. Get additional IPV4 addresses to be used in your network for your users. You are entitled to have the same amount of ipv4 addresses you are sharing. Meaning that if you share 1024 ips we will provide you with the same amount of IPs to be used in your network ( these will be shared as well )
  2. Turn your MikroTik router into a VPN router by connecting it to your global network. You will be able to offer your users geo-location access through any country and secured connection to the global web from your router. You will be entitled to the same amount of bandwidth you are sharing with the network.

During 2018, we will also start to offer cloud-based Anti DDOS service to all the routers that are connected to our network.

What is the cost for using the value added services?

The value added services will be offered for free for participants in the network. However, the compensation for sharing the bandwidth of your network with us will be 50% from the rates mentioned above.

I’m interested in having the value added services, but would not like to participate in the network, is it possible?

Yes, some of the additional value added services are available also for non-participants on a revenue share basis. Please contact our BD representative for more details.

Can I get a pre-configured router that is already connected to your network?

Yes. We provide several home router models pre-configured at very reasonable cost. Please contact for details.

I would like to offer my users your geo location services, but I don’t want it to be limited to the amount of bandwidth that is being shared, can I do it ? What is the cost for this?

Yes, Please contact our BD representative for more details.