DiViCloud – How it works

Offered as an intelligent, network-in-the-Cloud service, DiViCloud delivers more data and bandwidth optimization features over its virtual network. By controlling and managing the IP core elements, such as compression, video caching and multicasting and traffic as an outsourced service in the cloud, network configuration and management is simplified.

DiViCloud – Optimal Data Delivery

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The DiViCloud service draws its unique capabilities from combining a network of powerful intelligent PoPs located at prime Internet junctions, with an agent device located at the ISP premises. This combination enables DiViCloud to perform most heavy real-time data-delivery tasks in the cloud on one hand, while applying local activities in the ISP’s network using the local agent.

 DiViCloud PoPs  Agent device at ISP premises
 Heavy duty processing  Local content serving
 Data handling before international link  Sensing of incoming traffic
 Networking functions  Uplink and control traffic
 Global presence functions
 Mega-scale high-availability

DiViNetworks’ global network delivers optimized data capacity to any location.