DiViCloud Benefits

With a global Cloud network enhanced by a portfolio of intelligent data-delivery features, DiViNetworks provides innovative service-enhancing, cost-saving solutions to deliver more data efficiently into and through the network.

Increase bandwidth capacity and add flexibility
  • Optimize data delivery to the network
  • Add 20%-50% more data capacity
  • Agnostic to protocol and Acquire visibility to the upstream carrier
Gain speed, efficiency and agility in the network
  • Control and manage international traffic
  • View network maps
  • Improve user satisfaction and QoE
  • Offer a wide range of value added services
Expand global reach
  • Peer with any network, anywhere
  • Gain freedom and control over global routes
  • Acquire visibility of traffic flows to your network
  • Audit upstream SLA agreements
Save (in many ways)
  • On connectivity costs
  • On network complexity
  • On buying and maintaining capital equipment

DiViNetworks gives ISPs and Network Operators the capability to deliver more data within their current SLAs. ISPs gain freedom and control over their global routes with expanded opportunities to offer value-added services and better QoE. Network Operators enjoy additional capacity and improved customer satisfaction.