DiViCloud is launched – Wholesale capacity delivered to ANY LOCATION worldwide at HALF PRICE

The new service provides ISP with VIRTUAL CAPACITY from the CLOUD merely by placing a server in the ISP premises, revolutionizing the fundamental economics of data capacity.
10 January, 2012 – Tel Aviv, Israel – DiViNetworks is formally launching the DiViCloud service (video), enabling ISPs to obtain data capacity at half price, at any location worldwide and within 24 hours. The DiViCloud service is already operational, serving over a dozen ISPs around the globe.The high cost of IP connectivity is rooted in the enormous investments required to lay fiber. ISPs have to satisfy the IRR (internal rate of return) for these a-priori investments, resulting in prices ranging from ten to hundreds of dollars per Mbps per month.Based on DiViNetworks’ unique optimization technology, DiViCloud practically generates 30-50% of virtual capacity on top of any physical capacity already used. The ad hoc investment in generating this capacity enables DiViNetworks to GUARANTEE capacity at half price.

“DiViCloud is a flexible network that can add capacity to any size of service provider anywhere in the world,” says Barak Avitbul, CEO of DiViNetworks. “The economy of DiViCloud changes paradigms, and makes it an attractive option to any ISP paying for bandwidth. We anticipate 30% of all data capacity in such networks to be generated by DiViCloud.”

Utilizing DiViCloud is very simple. The ISP should merely place a server in its premises. Within 24 hours traffic will start flowing through DiViCloud, generating additional virtual capacity. DiViNetworks offers a14 days FREE trial of DiViCloud.

About DiViNetworks

DiViNetworks is a global provider of affordable data capacity for network operators and service providers. Using cloud-based solutions, DiViNetworks generates data capacity at any location worldwide, over any combination of physical capacity providers, enabling ISPs to obtain bandwidth at HALF PRICE. For more information visit us atwww.divinetworks.com , and follow our LinkedIn & Blog.

Contact information
Ms. Ofra Zvi
Director of Marketing Communications
DiViNetworks Ltd.
T:+ 972-3-7690202

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