Lossless Compression

click DiViNetworks’ compression mechanism eliminates repetitions at the IP payload level between a compressor function in the go here DiViCloud PoP and a de-compressor function in the DiViCloud Agent. The system identifies repeating bit-stream patterns, replaces them with a reduced-length signature at the PoP, which is replaced in turn with the original payload at the Agent.

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Though most IP traffic flowing in the Internet is already compressed (e.g. video, audio, office, executables) there is a huge redundancy in the Internet, derived from the vast yet limited number of patterns, and the similar behavior demonstrated by different end-users.

This redundancy enables reduction traffic volumes without loss of information. DiViNetworks utilizes this data redundancy in a pragmatic communication system, operating at wire-speed.

The data compression technology holds some unique characteristics, derived from its operation at the bit-stream layer:

Operates on 100% of traffic Operating at bit-stream level, the compression technology is agnostic to protocol, application or content. It deals with traffic segments, which are not dealt by any optimization technology.
Future proof; Zero provisioning As the Internet evolves – with new formats and protocols – the compression technology maintains its performance as is. No need to tailor the mechanisms or update the systems.
Functions on asymmetric links Compression merely looks at the bit-stream. It does not need the ACKs and GETs. It therefore supports the downlink and uplink independently.