How does DiViCloud intercept my traffic?

can i buy gabapentin in spain DiViCloud PoPs are located in main Internet junctions, close to content sources. The  source link DiViCloud PoPs announce your network using BGP.

Traffic flowing to your network will, thus, flow through the  DiViCloud Network. As it flows through the DiViCloud systems it will be compacted, making way for additional data.

Do you ensure high availability?

The DiViCloud virtual capacity is delivered by a network of smart PoPs, incorporating multiple layers of high-availability mechanisms.

DiViCloud encompasses failover mechanisms, and in the worst-case scenario offers fail-to-wire function. By design DiViCloud does not generate traffic holes even if everything fails.

The local servers, placed at the ISP’s premises, are not located in-line or in-route, and hence are automatically bypassed in case of fault.

I buy capacity from multiple providers. How will DiViCloud work?

DiViCloud operates over any combination of existing capacity providers.

The DiViCloud network intercepts the traffic, and sends it to your network through your existing providers. Thus, any kind of links load-balancing or redundancy you may employ will be maintained.

My uplink is not connected to any of your PoPs. Can I get the service?

You can definitely use DiViCloud. Even though your uplink is not directly connected to DiViCloud PoPs, large portions of your traffic probably pass through the junctions whereDiViCloud is deployed.

DiViCloud will intercept these portions of traffic as they flow, and generate additional virtual capacity. For example, you may be connected to a domestic exchange, where  DiViCloud is not present. Nevertheless, most of your traffic probably originates overseas, and therefore passes through DiViCloud PoPs.

We continue and expand our DiViCloud network, to include more and more junctions where content originates

What hardware is required?

DiViCloud requires placing a COTS server at the ISP premises. The servers are delivered by DiViNetworks at no cost for the ISP.

The following table describes the specifications of the DiViCloud local servers up to 2Gbps rate.


How do I enter a trial?

DiViNetworks offers you to try DiViCloud for 14 days free of charge.

To apply for the trial simply fill in a questionnaire form on your right, and we will prepare a technical and commercial proposal for you.