Available on DiViCloud and DiViLink, DiViLiveStream optimizes live video streaming by de-duplicating multiple live unicasts. In doing so, the application prevents the traffic spikes created by live event streaming and the damage they pose to network performance and other network applications. DiViLiveStream ensures QoS even during massive traffic peaks of up to 900%, caused by sporting events, world news and the like.

In IPTV core networks, unicast-bursts of Fast Channel Change (FCC) servers consume large bandwidth capacities. By eliminating redundant unicasts, DiViLiveStream allows for fast channel zapping without congesting the network.

  • Applicable to content from any source (official or unauthorized peer-to-peer)
  • Smart caching of delay-sensitive content
  • Supports and manages traffic spikes during live events
  • 5-10 times more OTT live video streaming capacity


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