As residential users pay less and less for more and more data services, corporate customers look to their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for premium, advanced networking solutions that enable them to control, analyze, manage and optimize their corporate network.

Until recently, such premium services were mainly offered to corporate customers by tier-1 providers at high costs. But no longer − with buy modafinil online cheap DiViPipe, you can now easily offer your corporate customers a highly competitive premium offering!



With no initial setup and no initial investment, you can create a new revenue channel by utilizing here DiViNetworks’ guaranteed, managed and international DiViPipe to offer the following services to new and existing corporate customers:

  • Network analytics, including:
    • Traffic composition
    • Most visited sites
    • Top talkers
  • Traffic management, including:
    • Time of day
    • Application category
    • Cloud sources
    • Specific IP ranges
  • Dedicated international bandwidth, including:
    • Dedicated pipe to DiViNetworks PoP in tier-1 hub
    • Pipe on alternative route in case of failure

How can DiViPipe help you?

  • Expand your opportunities − benefit from an additional revenue channel by offering a wide range of value-added services to corporate customers.
  • Compete with tier-1 providers by offering corporate customers an alternative to high-cost services.
  • Manage and brand the services as your own.
  • Offer high-value services with zero risk – pay as you go, no additional hardware required, zero effort setup, immediate activation and web-based provisioning.
  • Offer multiple features and benefits to your corporate customers – guaranteed bandwidth, prioritization for critical apps, maximization of productivity, web-based corporate dashboard, policy flexibility, zero-effort deployment, and more.