go to site DiViCloud is an intelligent, network-in-the-Cloud service that operates using a unique patented technology and provides innovative service-enhancing, cost-saving, and revenue-boosting data delivery services to a wide range of organizations such as: Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Network Operators (fixed and mobile), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and Internet Data Centers (IDCs).

buy Gabapentin online without dr approval DiViCloud draws its unique capabilities from combining a network of powerful intelligent Points of Presence (PoPs) located at prime Internet junctions, with an agent device located at the customer premises.



How can DiViCloud help you?

Multiple optimization functions

High-end Cloud functionality

  • No CapEx − save on buying, integrating and maintaining capital equipment.
  • Gain speed, efficiency and agility in the network.
  • Improve user satisfaction and QoE.
  • Acquire visibility of traffic flows to your network.

Immediate setup, simple integration and low maintenance

  • Reduces the complexity of the IP core.
  • Eliminates complicated network setup and maintenance.
  • Performs most heavy real-time data delivery tasks in the Cloud, and only performs local activities in your network using the local DiViCloud Agent.

Expand global reach

  • Utilizes a global network of powerful intelligent PoPs connected to tier-1 carriers at prime Internet junctions.
  • Enable you to control and manage international traffic and peer with any network, anywhere.

Full control using the Dashboard

  • Comprehensive view of the upstream even before it reaches your network.
  • Easy-to-use and securely accessible.
  • Provides a wide range of real-time views of global data flows and conditions that affect services.


DiViCloud Functionality

Data Compression

  • Lossless and real-time data compression (not a single bit of data lost).
  • Eliminates bit-stream repetitions at the IP payload level between a compressor function in the DiViCloud PoP and a decompressor function in the DiViCloud Agent.
  • Operates on 100% of the traffic – agnostic to protocol, application or content.
  • Future proof; requires zero provisioning – maintains its performance even as the Internet evolves and new formats and protocols are developed.
  • Operates transparently on top of caching, CDN, QoS, etc.
  • Results in 20% to 50% capacity expansion.

QoE Optimization

  • Prioritization of critical apps
  • Policies for differentiating traffic – optimize network utilization.
  • Live video multicasting – turns live multiple unicasts into a single multicast; streams 5-10 times more Over the Top (OTT) video over the same bandwidth; maximizes the quality of live content; and reduces spikes from live event traffic.
  • Video caching – smart caching of delay-sensitive content reduces re-buffering and maximizes QoE of video streaming.

Smart Routing

  • Uses real-time intelligence to distinguish between traffic sensitive to link-characteristics (for example, latency, jitter and packet loss) and non-sensitive traffic – routes the latency-sensitive traffic through the premium route, and the non-sensitive traffic through a lower-cost route.
  • Significantly reduces OpEx on premium routes.
  • Offers resilience during network bumps
  • Facilitates flexibility when adding upstream capacity
  • Improves load balancing and utilization of resources.
  • Utilizes low-cost and low-quality links without impacting quality.
  • Offers anonymity of rerouted traffic.


  • Traffic analytics – advanced graphs provide insight into the mix and trends of the organization’s traffic.
  • Network analytics – key performance indicators of network behavior.
  • Topology of traffic flow – covers the 95% portion of the traffic path that is not controlled by the network owner.