DDoS Detection and Mitigation


Available on DiViCloud as a network-based, carrier-grade service, Divi DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Detection & Mitigation provides a comprehensive layer of protection against bandwidth floods and connection attacks, which choke the network and prevent customers from accessing it.

Employing a global network of regional scrubbing facilities, DiVi’s DDoS Mitigation service drops DDoS attack packets and protects networks from such attacks closer to their source.

Powered by TATA Communications and managed by a team of security experts, Divi DDoS Detection & Mitigation leverages vast knowledge and experience to treat all DDoS attacks, including volume based attacks that clog network bandwidth, protocol attacks that consume server resources, and application attacks that crash web servers.

  • An additional layer of protection on top of traditional network protection (such as firewalls, IPS/IDS and the like)
  • Powered by TATA Communications
  • Based on knowledge and experience of top security experts
  • For all DDoS attacks (including volume based, protocol and application attacks)
  • Mitigates DDoS attacks closer to their source
  • Immediate activation