follow link DiVi enables you to get more out of your network – MORE from your bandwidth, MORE control over your network, and MORE revenue from new and existing clients – go site that’s why we’re the new standard in data delivery.


future blue MORE BANDWIDTH future blue MORE CONTROL future blue MORE REVENUE
Boost data capacity Manage the data flowing into your network Offer new value added service (VAS)
Save costs Gain control over global routes Diversify your customer base
Improve performance View network traffic Grow your addressable market
Enhance subscriber QoS Control spending Increase bandwidth value


Divi’s DDN gives you more by providing OPTIMIZATION, COMPRESSION and TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT in a single cloud solution. DiVi’s DDN (Data Delivery Network) utilizes a global network of PoPs located at major internet hubs, to provide a SECURE NaaS solution that transforms data links into smart networks.


future blue LOSSLESS COMPRESSIONEliminates repetition in real time

Operates at bit-stream level

Agnostic to protocol, content, format

future blue SECURITY, SCRUBBING AND DDoS PROTECTIONDetects and mitigates DDoS attacks

Protects capacity, nodes and network

Traffic scrubbing

future blue OPTIMIZATIONLive Video Multicast

* Streaming 5-10 times more live OTT

* Maximizes live content quality

* Reduces traffic spikes

Smart rerouting for improved load balancing

future blue TRAFFIC MANAGEMENTPrioritization of application categories

Prioritization of web domains

Bandwidth guarantees

Multitenant self-provisioning interface

Dashboard for corporate customers