Does increase in number of ASNs indicate Internet growth?

One of the metrics often used for estimating the Internet growth of a region is the increase in number of ASNs (autonomous systems). I recently came across such analysis by Renesys’ Doug Madory:

Increase in number of ASNs in LATAM. Source: Renesys, May 2013

Does the abundance of AS numbers indicate Internet growth? Doug Madory indicates that “ASNs vary dramatically in size, from large companies to small non-profits”. Actually, many of the ASNs are just non-active. They are registered but do not advertise any IP addresses, or just do not pull or push any traffic.

At DiViNetworks we are very interested in mapping active ISPs in different countries; after all – that’s our target market. Luckily, tons of traffic traverses our DiViCloud network. We analyzed it to obtain the number of real active networks in all countries.


If you are interested in obtaining per-country numbers, please email me.

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  1. Dr. Yair, about the number of ASNs, in here Brazil, seems to reflect the growth of competition and of course the amount of users. I used to work for a company that was created by small service provider, 200 ISP. They hired me to develop an IP network to them. It was interesting because I employed an Ethernet Network over 16000Km of optical fiber. It starts at the south of Brazil up to North. What do you think?

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