As a Content Delivery Network (CDN), you are faced with the challenge of distributing content to the edges of your network, extending your network to global Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and guaranteeing bandwidth that is not in the boundaries of your network.

At buy Lyrica in mexico DiViNetworks, we offer you a comprehensive solution that combines two products to enable you to overcome these challenges and benefit from content optimization in your network and beyond.

enter site DiViLink, offered as a software solution, compresses content to optimize data traffic flow efficiency and ensure that content is distributed throughout your network.

DiViCloud, an intelligent, network-in-the-Cloud service that operates using a unique patented technology, utilizes a global network of powerful intelligent PoPs connected to tier-1 carriers at prime Internet junctions to extend the boundaries of your network and guarantee bandwidth.

With DiViLink and DiViCloud, you benefit from:

  • Up to 50% capacity load reduction on content distribution
  • Extension of network to 40 countries with zero hassle
  • Guaranteed pipe to 40 countries
  • Software solution – can run on COTS servers or can be embedded into networking gear