About DiViNetworks

DiviNetworks provides its clients throughout the world with a Data Delivery Network (DDN) which allows them to enjoy lower costs, improved data rates and simpler operations. DiVi’s multi-disciplinary team of professionals consists of experts in networking, security, IT, telecom, and IP, who work closely with a highly professional support team that knows and understands
customer needs. With a flexible mindset and business model, they are able to provide optimization, compression and traffic management in a single cloud solution.

Working with hundreds of ISPs, Telcos and Mobile Operators around the world, and delivering Petabytes of data daily, DiviNetworks’ unique offering combines patented, bit-stream level compression technology with advanced traffic management tools, to provide significant cost savings with no additional complexity.

Today, DiviNetworks has an established presence in five continents, PoPs at major internet hubs and peering agreements with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Akamai, Amazon and others. It is supported by a network of local partners and representatives working in developed and developing countries, to bring DiviNetworks’ true value to where it is most beneficial.